Person-specific supplementation

All treatments are indicated for all skin types unless otherwise specified.

Today's lifestyle brings with it an enormous amount of stress and potentially poor lifestyle habits. Added to these challenges is the mass production of most food sources. We are left with sub-standard nutritional value in most of our food sources. Another challenge that is increasing daily, is the significant increase in the detoxification load on the liver due to all the additives and chemicals added to our food to make it look better and last longer…

Supplementation consist of a few main pillars:

  • Supplementing with something we know we need more of and are not getting from our food (e.g. Vegetarians not ingesting food high in Vitamins B's)
  • Supplementing the body when it has additional needs (serious exercise regimes, stress, fatigue, chronic smoking etc.)
  • Supplementing for known deficiencies for example when a blood test shows a definite low level of iron, vitamin B12, Magnesium, vitamin D3 etc.)
  • Addressing specific areas identified clinically or through advanced blood analysis (high homocysteine, chronic micro-inflammation etc.)
  • Supplementing with an ingredient that's been proven to have health benefits when ingested on a daily basis (Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, curcumin, anti-oxidants etc.)

At the Longevity Centre we always practice evidence-based medicine. We don't script blindly and we don't just suggest a supplement randomly, we use specific approaches, clinical evaluation, techniques and advanced tests to determine if you require a specific supplement or not.

We stock only world-class, well-researched, medical grade supplement ranges like Metagenics, Solgar, Good Health, Coyne Healthcare, Medford and Future Health. If a specific supplement isn't available, we will design and have it formulated by one of our state-of-the-art compounders to ensure that our patients only receive the best available. As a practice targeting the longevity & wellness of our patients, we are always focused on obtaining the best results for everyone we treat.