November 7, 2018

I suffer from hormonal acne and pigmentation, and I have been doing chemical peels at another skin clinic for over 4 years now, without much success in attaining sustainable results. I was referred to Nicole at Longevity Centre, with whom I started my new skin journey with in May.

Nicole’s professionalism, immense knowledge & experience in the skin industry, her attention to detail and overall patience in assessing the root cause of my skin issues, made me feel confident in the process that we were embarking on to transform my skin.

Through a multi-faceted approach of tactfully interchanging between various chemical peels and the green peel, I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin in as little as 2 weeks following my first green peel treatment. My breakouts subsided drastically, and the pigmentation became noticeably lighter. My skin texture also smoothened, and overall complexion became brighter. With every subsequent treatment that I have done, I’ve seen noticeable improvements.

I am really impressed by the results we achieve after every treatment.

Thanks to Longevity Centre, and especially to Nicole for her patience & her intricate understanding of what my skin needs and when it needs it